About Us

Teensed (Teens Economic and Social Development) foundation is a non governmental organization focused on engaging, equipping and empowering teenagers and youth to discover self, develop ideas, gain financial intelligence and have fun. The founder of TEENSED, Ezeokoli Ogechukwu, is passionate about raising young leaders and entrepreneurs who will become change agents in the society. She offers essential community services to girls and women.


Empowering teens-youths for self actualization.


Promoting a holistic development of teens and youths for self actualization through socio-economic interactive and informative programs and activities.


  • To positively engage teens with life trainings that will help unleash their God given potentials.
  • To promote social and economic development of teens and youths.
  • To provide counseling and mentoring for teenagers, youths and parents.
  • To initiate programs for the welfare of teenagers and youths through instructions and trainings for self-sustenance and self – dependence with special focus on the girl child.