What We Do
  • Leadership Training

A training school for teenagers to acquire set skills to raise their confidence, enhance employability and have a more fulfilling future. It involve personality development and relationship management.

  • Entrepreneurial Development

Innovation hub for training teenagers and youths on conceptualizing, developing and actualizing business ideas tagged “Teenpreneurship”. The teenager with the best winning idea is usually empowered with an incentive to start the business and is followed through to the point of delivery.

  • Internship Placement

We train and place teenagers as trainees in various organizations based on their interest, values, abilities and skills to enhance a real life experience on career choice. This enables teenagers to discover themselves, make career choices and be focused early in life.

  • Sex and Health Education

A curriculum based training which focuses on sex education and health development.

  • Other skills training are
  1. Effective reading and creative Writing
  2. IT Training
  3. Music
  4. Arts
  5. Confectionery
  6. Media
  7. Effective communication/ Public speaking



We are actively involved in training and sponsoring indigent teenagers and orphans in various educational institutions in Nigeria.